Historical Fun Facts of Bay County, Florida


Coca-Cola, which used fine “artesian water” from the ice plant to manufacture all its goods, progressed from mule and wagon to Model-T deliveries in a few short years. Leland Vickery moved the bottling company to the end of Fifth Street near the railroad in 1909. 
Photo courtesy Bay County Public Library.


Bayou George, Bayhead, and Fountain  were big areas for turpentine in the early 1900’s.Hundreds of men and boys labored in the woods from sunup to sundown in the industry that people “did not work to get into, but out of,” according to popular saying. Although the man in this photo is named, tupentiner Joe Batson worked in an area similar to this. Batson learned the industry from his father who worked 8,000 to 9,000 trees each week, chipping and pulling them for operator L. Howell.


Batson remembered watching his “Daddy go into the Bayhead swamp Photo Courtesy Bay County Public Library each morning after he hung out his dinner bucket on a tree limb. He wouldn’t come out again until it was time for dinner. Then he went back and stayed in there until late in the evening. When he’s come out, he’d take his dinner bucket from the limb, swing his jacket over his shoulder and go home. He’d tell how he’d streak the trees with a long r-i-i-i-p sound and watch the ‘gators shoot into the water.”

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