The Jetties | Early History

St Andrew Bay Jettie History

In 1933, The U.S. Corp of Engineers were charged with the duty of designing a workable yet cost-effective entry into St. Andrews Bay. The Corp proposed cutting a new "pass" across the peninsula at its present location. This way, the pass could be protected on both sides with rock jetties.

The plan was approved. In 1936--funded by the Franklin Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration--work began on the jetties that would separate the gulf waters from St. Andrews Bay.  White marble, a type of rock never before used in jetty-making, was mined from a query at Sylacauga, Alabama. The 1,600-pound stones were shipped by rail to the Southern Kraft docks in Millville, then barged to the jetty site. A loading pier was built at the peninsula, and the boulders set in place by huge cranes. The contract for dredging the pass was let to Jahneke Service Company of New Orleans, at a cost of $580,000. The dredging-vessel Techafuncta moved over 2.5 million cubic yards of sand in the process. 

On August 4, 1936 a ceremony was held to celebrate the new pass. Gordon Russell from Panama City's Panama Theater was on hand to film the historic confluence of Bay and Gulf waters. His footage appeared on Universal News Reels, and was viewed at theaters around the nation. The first boat to travel through the pass was Miss Panama, owned by Captain C.S. Anderson. The first seagoing ship was the Waterman Steamship Company ship Magna Creek. 

By 1937, however, erosion had so threatened the jetties that major repair became necessary. At that time, the jetties were extended further into the gulf, then sealed with a layer of asphalt. A rail line had been installed to transport the asphalt to the jetties. 

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Managing the Jetty Today
Here is a short video on how the Jetty is still managed today and forever growing and serving a purpose decided over 70 years ago!

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