Staging your home and why you should do it.

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Staging Tips from Laura Gaskill from

Staging a home can be tricky and pricey if not done correctly. In today’s world, so many resources are provided to turn these misconceptions around. So many stores are accessible and provide low cost options that will help a home-buyer see themselves living in your home and get that house off the market in no time! When it comes to staging a home there are so many different design techniques so no house will look the same. From bojo chic to rustic cottage, farmhouse comfort to eclectic industrial styles the possibilities are endless!
Everyone has a different vision and idea of the way staging a home is supposed to go. Laura Gaskill from interviewed many different staging experts to provide us with eight basic and simple ways to stage your home the right way without spending a fortune.

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1. Find the right pros to work with. “I feel the most important thing for homeowners to focus on is choosing a great Realtor to represent them and to properly showcase their property with professional photos and staging suggestion,” says home stager Kelly Gardner in Madison, New Jersey.

2. Detach yourself from your house. Taking the focus away from you in your home is one the simplest ways for a home-buyer to see themselves in your home. Allowing the mind of the buyer to see the house styled yet open for personal touches will guarantee a sell! Shirin Sarikhani of Seattle Staged to Sell says, “I also help them understand that empty rooms look smaller that staged rooms. I try to let the home sellers understand that home staging is an investment and not a cost. The first step a home seller can take to ensure a successful outcome is to get detached from their home; now it is all about the buyers."

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3. Focus on the front. Where to begin? “Buyers make up their mind in the first 30 seconds as they approach the front door,” says Gardner. “Clean it up, paint and update the old weathered light fixture. Trim foliage, take out dead plantings and mulch if you are in growing season. When your home hits the MLS, light it up. Potential buyers tend to drive by before they actually get inside.”

4. Tell ugly Goodbye! Gardner has a few quick fixes to rid your house of the unsightly spots. “White towels and a white waffle-weave shower curtain can do wonders to a dated bath. If you have oak kitchen cabinets, paint them white and add quartz or stone counters to help update. Remove dated wallpaper and paint. Take down dusty, dated window treatments. Inexpensive updates can include changing out light fixtures, throw pillow and bed linens. I like a white quilt or duvet for photos.”

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5. Know your buyer. “This is the golden rule of staging. The new paradigm is a targeted approach capturing the likely buyer pool through specific design styles that will resonate, such as hipster, industrial or beachy modern style, say DeCapua and Moore,” says Gaskill.
Gardner adds that buyers in their mid-20s to mid-30s make up a large part of the market, so “that is the group to capture and market toward,” she says. “They usually like to look of the big-box stores, like Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn, so I like to show the homeowners these catalogs to get the feel of this transitional style.” Your realtor can help with identifying your target market.

6. Match your décor to your home’s style and price range. “it is all about creating the right lifestyle for each house. For example, for a high-end penthouse condo, the sofa should be different one than in the one-bedroom condo on the lower-end price,” says Sarikhani.

7. Consider color. When it comes down to the color of exterior, interior walls, pillows, paintings, and even rugs you have to consider what colors photograph well. Also, you want to create a comfortable atmosphere without it looking lazy or outdated so adding pops of color in a white room will draw the eye in and create something memorable to buyer.

Soothing Vintage Global Modern Bedroom in Silverlake
Photo by Madison Modern Home - Look for eclectic bedroom design inspiration

8. Accessorize wisely. This does not mean you have to go out and buy all new pillows or art for your home. Declutter and once you have a streamlined look, start adding back accessories to give the look and lifestyle buyers are looking for.
DeCapua and Moore say, “We use lots of coffee table books, add curated collectibles to bookshelves, toss market baskets onto chairs, hang original art and use only real plants to give buyers the impression that someone actually lives there. Old-school staging style tended toward the sterile and looked a bit more like a big-box furniture showroom.”

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